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Quarantine Era Sleep Struggles


So how do we fix our sleep schedule? In a nutshell, by fixing some or all of the above. We need to have some sort of schedule even if the external conditions preclude us from having one. Our school schedule is not going to be the same every day but nothing prevents us from waking up at the same time every day, even if it means we are doing something else until our first Zoom call.

To wake up at the same time every day and not compromise on sleep, we need to go to bed at the same time every day as well. That is probably going to make a huge dent in some people’s gaming time, but that is a price we need to pay. During the first few days that we go to bed early, we are probably going to be tossing and turning as our bodies are not used to sleeping at that time. Furthermore, it will take a lot of effort to wake up at the same time every day, especially if you’re like me and hit the snooze button often. Try to muster up every ounce of willpower to wake up.

Diet and sleep go hand in hand. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t indulge in junk food occasionally, but we need to do so in controlled amounts. Moreover, when we’re bingeing on Netflix, we don’t fully realize how much we’re eating. Therefore, we need to have a healthy diet in order to fix our sleep schedule.

The importance of a regular sleep schedule cannot be over-emphasized. Numerous scientific studies have shown that it promotes better health; both physical and mental. As teenagers, it is recommended that we get anywhere between 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Yes, we are living in turbulent times but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take care of ourselves.