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Going Crazy at Home? New Hobbies to Pick Up in Your Free Time

Discover New Recipes: The whole world has been caught up in a cooking and baking frenzy since the stay-at-home orders began. Bread and baked goods have been the favorites, but challenge yourself to cook a meal for your family. Also, try new foods that you don’t eat often. Cooking and baking are hobbies you can easily use outside of entertainment, especially in college and later in life.

Sewing: If you have a sewing machine or a set of thread and needles, brush that dust off and get started on your new favorite project. Sewing patterns for masks can be found across the internet, and fabric is available from many stores with contactless pick-up or delivery. Old clothes are also a good starting point. Try to make them smaller to fit a sibling or adapt them for your own use. The same goes for clothes that are too large. Once you learn to alter your clothes, you’ll never have to deal with shirts and pants that don’t fit right.

Create a Blog or a YouTube Channel: Find something you’re passionate about and share it with the world. It could be music, comedy, short stories, or anything else. Another popular platform is Tik Tok, but blog websites and YouTube are great outlets for your creativity and a place to express yourself freely without worrying about views or likes.

Make a Bucket List: For the things you can’t do from home, like traveling or seeing friends, make a list of your must-dos once it becomes safe to do so. Every time you catch yourself saying you wish you could do something, write it down. This list will help you better understand your future priorities instead of making an arbitrary bucket list in one sitting.

Find Your Favorite Exercise: If you haven’t decided on your favorite way to get outside and exercise, now is the time. While maintaining social distancing, it is possible to mountain bike, walk, run, hike, and more. YouTube and exercise apps are also great resources for at-home workouts. Though team sports aren’t yet available, going outside and getting your daily exercise is an important part of being at home.

Learn Something Completely New: There are a lot of interesting and unique skills out there. If you’ve always been interested in learning one, the online resources and support for your journey are endless. Ideas for “things that are completely new” include programming languages, photoshop, photography, languages, interior design, and story writing.

Watch TV Shows and Movies: Sitting down to watch a show or movie can be a helpful way to de-stress. It’s hard to run out of things to watch when the entire internet is at your fingertips. If you’re looking for specific TV shows, check out the article “The Best Netflix Shows to Binge From Home” in the Arts and Entertainment section.

Read: Even if you don’t have reading material at your house, finding online books and articles is easy through a simple search. Making a plan to read an article or a chapter a day can create a lifelong habit that you won’t regret.

Art: The possibilities in art are endless. Try calligraphy, painting, or drawing and sketching. Maybe you have an old friendship string from camp and you can take up friendship bracelet making. Another fun idea could be making a kite and then flying it.

Make and Complete Puzzles: Puzzles and board games can get the whole family involved. Try picking one night a week for a game night instead of a movie. If you have an old cardboard box lying around, draw a design and cut your own pieces. See who can put it together the fastest. Puzzles are great for family engagement and problem-solving skills.

Try Astronomy and Stargazing: On clear nights, the stars above Winchester can be quite spectacular. Check the internet to see if any planets or special objects are visible in the sky. One night, Mercury and Venus were glowing above the horizon. If you can’t stay up to stargaze, try cloud watching. You might even glimpse the moon in the sky during the day.

Spend Time Outside: Whether or not you are exercising outdoors, take a few minutes every day to just sit and relax. With all of the stress going around, try and detach yourself for five minutes and enjoy your time surrounded by nature.

You don’t have to do your hobbies alone. Use digital meeting services to get your friends involved and start developing lifelong skills.

Still bored? Grab a computer and write out your own list of hobby ideas. Maybe one of them will inspire you to have a hobby-day at home. Happy hobby-ing!