The Red & Black


Sticking to Your New Year’s Goals

Each day, I suggest, set a couple of hours aside for homework, studying, and the like. Get these things done first, and don’t waste all your time scrolling through Instagram (I certainly have).

Create a list of tasks you want to complete and get started. You will soon find, after making your interests a priority, that the days are far more satisfying. It may seem like a mountain to climb, but you will soon reach the top.

When I first started baking, the cookies were burnt to a crisp. Nonetheless, I baked a fine batch on my fifth try.

There are now more sweets around my house than a five-star restaurant! Baking quickly grew into my favorite form of stress relief. You can find one, too. So stop being so hard on yourself and do what makes you happy.

Who knows? It might turn into something special and help you achieve your academic goals.