The Devastating Impact of Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria,the fourth major hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic season, struck the Caribbean in mid-September, but the region is still in deep trouble several weeks later. Reaching Puerto Rico as a category four hurricane, it shattered the area and left over thirty people dead.

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Earthquakes in Mexico - Sept. 7 and Sept. 19

On September 7th, 2017, a cogent earthquake battered Mexico city at 1 p.m., rattling the capital and sending people flooding into the streets for two weeks.

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Amazon’s Whole Foods Purchase & Hunt for New Headquarters

On August 28, Amazon closed a deal with Whole Foods Market and bought the company for $13.7 billion. Amazon proposed that one of its main goals was to lower prices and this claim seems to ring true. Prices were cut as much as forty-three percent on Amazon’s first day as the official owner. With the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon has demonstrated that it is ready to face retail competitors like Wal-Mart and Costco. The company hopes to bring in more customers by dramatically reducing costs.

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WHS Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Sgt. Perenick

Sgt. Perenick - School Resource Officer