2020 Seniors Edition

To the Class of 2020

During this time, many letters and speeches will focus on what has been lost this year. And to be sure, many experiences and opportunities have indeed been taken from you. However, it is my hope that you see that you do not have to be collateral victims of this insidious virus. It is my hope that you realize that you are capable of gaining and taking back during this time. You can take this massive negative and make positives all around you. You can indeed do the taking!

The Class of 2020 can take away that they are the class that can slow life down and enjoy the quiet moments.  You take appreciation for those around you and who you have in your life, you take positive relationships and human connections and value them more than any graduating class before you, and you take the future as it truly is, uncertain. You take care in knowing that nothing is granted or guaranteed. You will take uncertainty with more ease than those who came before you, and you know how to take negatives and make them positives. You know that life is not a straight line, and you can choose the path you take. You take comfort in knowing that your path will have detours, obstacles, delays, loses and wins and that you will take what is coming at you with a smile. You have things that have been taken from you, but now it is time for you to do the taking.

Even before our school shut down, the Class of 2020 always had a special place in my heart. We started at WHS together. Your first day at WHS was my first day at WHS. I have enjoyed watching you grow and mature into the thoughtful, compassionate and caring young adults that you are. Truly, the Class of 2020, and the students that make the class, will always be a big part of my career and life. I want to thank you for making it a true pleasure. It has been my joy and honor working with you, and I’m not crying, you're crying!

Take pleasure in knowing you did a great job in unprecedented times. Stay positive. Take the world by its horns. Work hard. Take action. Know that the best is yet to come. Take care.

With love and respect,
Mr. Mahoney


Graduates of the Class of 2020, when we had our first meeting in the auditorium to listen to speeches given by candidates to elect your first set of class officers for your first year of THE Winchester High School, we were very optimistic about our four years together. You were one of the larger classes that had come through the doors, and your good reputation preceded you. You started at the high school with Mr. Mahoney and Ms. Conis. You only had to endure one year of the mods, though it was probably the most challenging year of construction with the majority of core classes being taught outside the building.

As freshmen, we planned our first event - a class dinner catered by Chipotle, and we were excited to get the ball rolling. We had been told by administrators and parents how wonderful the Class of 2020 was, so we had high expectations. However, approximately 40 people showed up to our first event. Class dinners, movie nights, trivia nights and more, we soon realized that getting the Class of 2020 to show up would be more challenging than we thought. Of course, until our first dance; if there is one thing this class loves, it is a dance.

From the first semi-formal dance at town hall, to the sophomore year luau, and your junior year with the first ever bouncy house in the cafeteria (otherwise known as our fancy Dining Commons), you guys showed up to dance with each other, to bounce with each other, and to play ping pong and musical chairs with each other. Even with the famed senior year masquerade dance, which statistically has low turnout, yet again, you proved that this class will show up for any dance in our dimly-lit cafeteria as long as we clear the tables and put up some white Christmas lights as decoration. Which is why, when we began planning your senior events, we knew that prom was going to be the highlight; afterall, it was the dances that brought you all together year after year. We searched for and found the perfect venue, we booked the DJ, we even had a mac n’ cheese bar queued up for arrival… and then, well you all know what happens next.

The irony is, the class that came together year after year for the dances, is the class who missed their senior prom. This is how it could have ended for you, as the Class of 2020; prom dresses never worn, hanging in the closet, no final send off, no official closure. But that isn’t how it ended. Despite all of the missed opportunities, it has now become clear that you don’t need a dance to come together; you put on the prom dresses and still took your pictures. When you missed the infamous bike day, you still dressed in neon and rode around town. You even started new traditions - with socially distanced hangouts in car circles. And when you had to graduate in front of the school in groups of 25, rather than all 346 of you, we watched as you cheered each other on, wearing your masks with a ‘W’ on them proudly. It is in these moments that we, as advisors, know that the Class of 2020 is, in fact, all it was cracked up to be. You didn’t need the formal events to come together, you did that on your own, and we are proud of the people you have become, and know that you will be bonded for years to come… though it would have been nice if at least a few people showed up to movie night!

All this to say, we have loved teaching you, working with you, getting to know you and watching you grow over the past four years. We’d like to thank our previous class officers - Jackie Fallon, Nicole Hu, Christine Nguyen, Will Hoffheinz, and Matt Suffredini - and our current ones - Mia Jurkunas, Connor Mahoney, Nicole Mazzeo, and Christian Sauer. We wish you all the best - and can’t wait for an invite to what is sure to be an EPIC 5 year reunion.

You stay classy, Class of 2020 - Ms. Costas and Ms. Kean