2019 Seniors Edition

To the Class of 2019

What a great class! What a ride together!

The last three years together have been remarkable. I remember meeting you as sophomores and wondering what you would bring to WHS. Would it be a lasting, positive legacy? Would it be great leadership? Would there be championship-level teams and award-winning artists and musicians? The reputation of the class, at that time, was unknown. But, we heard that you were a class that, if everything worked out right, would have very few limits on what you could achieve. The answer to the questions above, as we all know now, is yes. You would bring all those things to WHS and much much more. The Class of 2019 would have no limits!

I believe that the Class of 2019 has always had a special spark, and it is this special indefinable quality that has lead your class to achieve beyond any perceived or artificial limits. We see the spark when you support your friends, or when you cheer each other on or have an opportunity to volunteer for the greater good. This special thing has lead your class to have Merit scholarship winners, state titles, national orchestra appointments, and more. And that energy, that spark, has also lead you to be able to deal with significant loss, heartache, and rejection in remarkably mature and impactful ways.

When you leave the cozy confines of The Winchester High School, please don’t lose that special spark that makes your class stand out and go above and beyond. In fact, see if you can ignite a spark in others. Inspire them to have your positive energy, your enthusiasm, your spirit, and your ability to push past any limits that are set in front of you.

I am so proud to have met you and so proud to have gotten to know you, even if just a little bit. This class could and truly did do it all. The Class of 2019, “No Limits” indeed!

With love and respect,
Mr. Mahoney

Dear Class of 2019

We made it! It’s incredible to think that it has been almost four years since we stepped foot inside these tiled halls. It is also crazy to think it has been four years of working on The Red and Black edition after edition. But to what end? The struggle to think of interesting topics to write about for each edition? Always on the edge of having to print an 8-pager vs the full 12 pages? Although we passed by many newspapers thrown across lunch tables throughout the past four years, we never gauged success by quantitative measures. Instead, the number of people who got to share their ideas in our paper, the number of perfectly aligned articles (no purple lines!), the number of thank yous we received from members of the community and the number of hours spent working hard (or hardly working) in the newspaper room made this job worthwhile and rewarding. And we can’t forget the holy whiteboard that allowed us to document all of our inside jokes.

The paper would not have been as rewarding as it has been without the help of many people, however. From the local businesses that have supported our newspaper by purchasing ad space, to the business managers, Hailey and Daniel, who have solicited these advertisements and managed our subscribers. From the contributors and staff writers all of who wrote strong, informative articles to the section editors, Tony, Ethan, Dan, Camille, Alex and Lizzie, who crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s. From the layout editors, Alex, Alicia, and Ethan, who spent countless hours transferring articles and drawing lines, to our managerial editor, Kelly, who kept track of all of our staff and articles; you guys made layout sessions something to look forward to and super entertaining and fun. And we can’t forget those who provided moral support to us during layout meetings: Brandon, Jessica, Val, Aislinn. And lastly, to Mr. Weiss, who has advised our newspaper to new heights and has made sure that no articles get the paper in trouble. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, to ensure that the newspaper is as amazing as it can be.

Because we are creating a senior edition, we feel obliged to end this article with some advice for the rest of the community. If we have learned anything leading this club over the past year, it is to make sure that you’re having fun doing whatever you’re doing. To surround yourself with people that make even the most tedious tasks (e.g. formatting survey answers) a delight to perform. To take yourself and your work not too seriously. To remember that the newspaper room is not soundproof.

We wish everyone the best in their future endeavors and look forward to seeing the amazing work that you all will accomplish.

Lizzie and Tommy

Class of 2019,

Throughout the past four years, we have achieved amazing things in the classroom, in the arts, in athletics and beyond. It has been such a pleasure and a privilege leading the class. If this is our fourth year or our second, all four of us are so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as your class officers. We thank you all endlessly for dealing with our excessive Facebook posts and our inability to get through the morning announcements without it being a complete disaster. All of you have made our jobs easy. Every time you came to an event or bought merchandise, you did our heavy lifting for us and we thank you for that.

In high school, we have all been focused on a certain goal and through late nights and early cramming we’ve achieved it. The high school has taught each of us a lot. It may be log-differentiation,  proper bench press form, how to deliver a passionate monologue, or it may be how to make a new friend. Take what you have learned with you and build upon your skills.

Wherever your future may take you, we know that each one of you is capable of the world. Take risks, pursue your passions and have fun. Make new friends, but hold on to the ones you have here. They understand where you come from and the experience that is The Winchester High School. We wish you luck with all of your future endeavors and we’ll see you in five years when we start harassing you again about the reunion.

Keep Riding The Wave,

Your 2019 Class Officers

Anna Flaherty, Joe Lepore, Emma Driscoll, and Garen Meguerditchian