Abolition of School Rankings in Singapore

Singapore has always been ahead in education, dominating internationally in test scores across all subjects. The country has only been independent for a little over 50 years but has put a very large emphasis on education as a way to overcome poverty and adversity. In fact, Singapore’s scores on international tests do not reflect a notable difference between different classes of wealth.

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Compromise and the Korean Crisis

The People’s Republic of Korea (South Korea) has made great strides in attaining peace with its neighbors to the North, the enigmatic and dangerously volatile North Korea. The nations first broke apart in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953, but no peace treaty has officially been signed, and the two remain in a constant state of tense “frozen war”.

The conflict was as complicated as its current status, first beginning as far back as the Japanese occupation of Korea, which started in 1910.

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Pep Rally 2018

Sgt. Perenick


Sgt. Perenick - School Resource Officer