Walsh for the Win

By midnight of Tuesday, November 7, 2017, the results were in.  In a landslide victory, Mayor Marty Walsh won his reelection 65% to his opponent, Tito Jackson, with only 35%.  However, this year’s election attendance was dismal to say the least.  Only 25% of registered voters showed up to cast their ballots.

Of course, Tito Jackson was by no means an unqualified candidate.  He has committed his life to public service, making many contributions from his seat on the city council, and representing 70,000 people from District 7.  District 7, including Roxbury, and other parts of Inner City Boston, have recently been hurt by poverty, crime, and violence.  In running, Tito hoped to benefit the lives of working class Bostonians. However, Marty Walsh was the crowd favorite.  Of the thirteen city councillors, 10 openly endorsed Marty Walsh, while Ayanna Pressley chose not to comment, as her husband was employed by mayor Marty Walsh.  The Boston Globe and Boston Herald also both endorsed Marty Walsh, while Boston Herald claimed that they were wrong not to endorse Marty Walsh back in 2013.

Even before he became mayor, Marty Walsh has been fighting for the people of his home city as a prominent member of the Laborers Local 223 Union, was elected as secretary-treasurer of Boston Metropolitan District Building Trades Council, and was even the Head of Boston’s Building Trades until his 2013 mayoral election.  He gained even more political prominence after serving in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

During his time as mayor, Marty Walsh has made several significant changes. He championed for a “24 Hour Boston” by extending MBTA hours to run 24 hours a day.

The system went into effect in 2014, but was discontinued in 2016, after MBTA deemed the 24 hour service too costly to continue.

Additionally, Marty Walsh declared Boston as a sanctuary city for Americans without documentation.  This declaration came following Donald Trump’s threat to restrict government funding for sanctuary cities.  A defiant Marty said “If people want to live here, they’ll live here. They can use my office. They can use any office in this building.

”Marty Walsh has and always will stand as a symbol of hope for Bostonians.  His personal success story starts with his recovery from an alcohol addiction.  After a 12 step recovery program, Marty has now been 21 years alcohol free, and he shares his story to advocate for those struggling with their addictions.  In Marty’s own words, his goal is “getting things done for the people who are counting on him…[because] every single person deserves dignity, security, and opportunity. A true community leaves no one behind.”  His programs have supported low income women, people of color, struggling workers, and members of the LGBT community. Marty Walsh has and will continue to support every single Bostonian, bringing educational improvements and jobs, as well as affordable housing, in an effort to fight the homelessness that has racked Boston.

In the coming years, Marty will continue to work for every single Bostonian, and we have much to look forwards to.  Despite the uncertain times we live in today, Marty Walsh remains a stalwart force of hope, especially to countless Bostonians who need him now more than ever.









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