The Red & Black
June 2019 Issue

Overcrowding on Mt. Everest Claims 11 Lives

Mount Everest: the top of the world. In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay successfully completed the first recorded ascent up the mountain.

In the more than sixty-six years since humans conquered the mountain, over 4,000 people have followed in their footsteps; almost 300 people have died trying.

However, Mt. Everest is becoming deadlier by the day. Hundreds of climbers have caused the worst “traffic jam” since tourists have come to make the trek. So far, eleven climbers have perished in this year alone.

Why is Everest overcrowded, what are climbers saying, and what is the Nepalese government doing about it?

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Theresa May’s Resignation as Prime Minister

On May 24th, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her departure as the leader of the Conservative Party and resignation from her position in Parliament.

She delivered an address in front of the Prime Minister’s residence, explaining that her decision to resign is “in the country's best interest.”

After spending almost three years trying to craft a Brexit deal, she acknowledged her inability to create such a plan.

May's speech contained an unprecedented show of emotion, with the Prime Minister's voice breaking as she expressed her "gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country [she loves]."

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Who to Watch in the Democratic Race

2020 is sooner than you might think, which means election season is nearly upon us. Before that, the major parties need to pick their presidential candidate, and the Democratic field is shaping up to be the most crowded in history.

More than 20 candidates have already declared their candidacy, making it tough to decide who will get a spot on the primary debate stages. The Democratic National Committee tightened the restrictions for candidates to make it there, selecting candidates who successfully achieve a certain percentage in national polls and receive grassroots funding from thousands of donors.

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