French Presidential Election Results

On May 14th, Emmanuel Macron became president of France, thus becoming the youngest ever to assume the position, and defeating the right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen in the process. Since Napoleon, no person has reached the tip of French politics with such speed, and not since World War 2 has someone won the French presidency without a solid political party or parliamentary support. While Le Pen was the standout candidate due to her prominence since the 2012 election, Macron seemed the underdog due to his limited political experience.

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An Arbitrary Standard?

President Trump’s first one-hundred days in office were marked by a series of successes and drawbacks that have set the tone for the administration’s future in Washington. The White House boasts an agenda dedicated to “building American prosperity,” “keeping Americans safe,” and “making [the] government accountable to the people.” In the first one-hundred days, Trump has signed twenty-four executive orders, twenty-two presidential memorandums, twenty proclamations, and twenty-eight bills.

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Women's March 2017

By: Abigail Byrne


Sgt. Perenick

Sgt. Perenick - School Resource Officer