Are Snow Days Worth It?

By: Daniel Chen

Kids and teens alike await the call of the superintendent; the call that winter is coming, but more importantly, the announcement that school is cancelled. It is statistically proven that people prefer snow days over regular days, with a poll on the Washington Post claiming that 63% of people would rather have these days off. But as kids relax on their day off at home, they wonder: is having the day off really worth it?

The pros of having a snow day are that you obviously don’t have school. Who would want school? If you were to have a snow day, your upcoming tests would be pushed back, assuming your teachers are nice, and you have a whole extra day to do a project (like NHD) or finish homework that was supposed to be due on that day. Staying at home, drinking hot cocoa, watching some Riverdale—it sounds much better than going to school and doing homework, right?

Even with all the pros of having snow days, there are actually more cons than one would expect. For one, you most likely have to shovel snow as a chore. In some cases, tests won’t be moved back a day and instead, a day of productive studying with the teacher is lost. But the worst thing about snow days is that you have to have make up days in the summer. School is usually out before June 20 or so, but with snow days, the end of school can be prolonged to the end of June. Having snow days may sound like a gift from heaven, but do you really want to spend hot summer days in school rather than in the beach?

So moral of the story is, think of what you wish for. Snow days sound fun and are a relief from the stress in school, but the cost of having a snow day is prolonging school. So is having one day in the middle of the school year off and extending the school year better than not having snow days and ending school early? Kids should think about that before they jump into the snow making snow angels.