Are Later School Start Times Finally Here?

The notion of later school start times has been hotly debated this year throughout Winchester Public Schools, particularly in the high school. Action is finally being taken to address school start times that do not reflect the biological sleep patterns of teenagers. The month of January has been packed with meetings in all of the elementary schools, McCall, and Winchester High School.


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Introducing the New W.I.N. Block

The W.I.N Block was created to offer students a one hour free block every Wednesday which gives students the opportunity to study for upcoming tests, do homework, host club meetings, relax their minds with yoga or painting, and participate in many more activities. The creation of this free block allows students to relieve their minds of stress and to try to take some work off their shoulders. To sign up for these activities during this free block, students must visit the SignUpGenius and enlist in an activity to join and to receive a pass. Students then must show this pass to their W.I.N Block teacher in order to be excused. Students will be assigned to specific classrooms with teachers that they currently have. This is designed to help them feel more comfortable with the change. Having this free block allows students to take a break in the middle of the school day every Wednesday to relax and to prepare themselves for classes that day or during the rest of the week. I think this community hour will present students with the opportunity to do things they usually do not have time for such as calm, relaxing activities that are usually neglected due to their busy schedules.












Sgt. Perenick

Sgt. Perenick - School Resource Officer