How to Stop Sleep Problems: High School Edition

By: Daniel Chen

As a student at the Winchester High School, things can be rough when it comes to finding a balance between school and sleep. High schoolers often stay up past midnight doing projects (cough cough NHD) and most only get 6 hours of sleep a night, according to one conservative estimate. According to various studies, teens need around 7-10 hours of sleep each night to function at their best, but students at WHS and schools all across the globe are failing to meet this recommendation. So how do we stop these sleep problems from occurring? Let’s take a look on how to stop sleep problems.

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Do Parents Have the Right to Know Grades? When?

By: Elizabeth Si

In competitive school environments, such as at WHS, students constantly pit themselves against each other for the best grades in pursuit of prestigious colleges and universities. The feeling of high stakes and high stress can make students feel overwhelmed and many times parents do little to help the situation.


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