The Women’s March on Washington

Whether you’re a supporter or not, it was hard not to be moved by the Women’s March on Washington that occurred on January 21st. Millions of women (and men) united on the Saturday after the inauguration of President Donald Trump to protest not specifically his presidency, but his policies and their effects on women’s and citizen’s rights.

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Trump Leaves TPP In Past, Authorizes Two Additional Memo’s

Three days following his inauguration, President Donald Trump acclimated to his new responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief by signing a total of three executive orders.

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Russian Agents Responsible for Alleged Hack Identified

In the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election, WikiLeaks and several other websites posted personal emails from members of the Democratic National Committee. U.S. intelligence agencies have recently identified the Russian agents responsible for the email hacks; however, no names or evidence have been released to the public. The White House has issued a formal accusation of the Russian involvement but there have been no announcements of action being taken to protect our national security.

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Sgt. Perenick

Sgt. Perenick - School Resource Officer