The Red & Black
January - February 2019 Issue

Food of Champions

By Bryce DiMatteo It’s no secret that President Donald Trump is widely recognized as one of the most contentious presidents in recent years. Many athletes have publicly bad-mouthed the president and his administration.

President Trump, who has been accused of having a delicate ego, has disinvited some of these bad-mouthing athletes.

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Wild Coffee Threatened With Extinction

With over fifty million daily drinkers in the United States alone, it is no wonder coffee has grown to become a staple in American culture. People take for granted that they can head down to their local grocery store or coffee shop for a cup of joe. However, that cup of coffee is in danger.

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Tuskless Elephants from War and Hunting changes their ecosystem

Before 1977, Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park was home to thousands of elephants.

However, due to the fifteen-year Civil War that raged until 1992, factions slaughtered ninety percent of the elephant population for ivory to pay for weapons and rations to feed the troops.

Studies suggest that approximately a third of younger females born after the war never developed tusks.

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The Rundown on Recent Government Shutdown

The recent government shutdown created by President Trump has left many questions unanswered.

The United States 2018 to 2019 government shutdown became the longest shutdown in American history, lasting 35 days--almost covering two paycheck periods for over 800,000 federal employees who worked during the period without pay for a month.

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