Gun Safety Activism in Schools and Beyond

All students have the right to be safe when they go to school. After the tragic shooting that took place a month ago in Parkland, Florida, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have started a movement to fight for their rights. These students have inspired thousands of young people to participate in school safety protests. They organized a National School Walkout to take place on Wednesday, March 14th.

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Advice on the SAT Subject Tests

When it comes to college, many students will be thinking about taking an SAT subject test to enhance their application. There are around twenty different SAT subject tests that cover one subject in History, English, Math, Science, or Language Areas and are each one hour long and  multiple choice. The lowest possible score is 200 and the full score is 800.

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2018 WHS Diploma Awards



Sgt. Perenick